Office:  Reynolds 303
Phone:  +1 519 824-4120 x 58270
Fax (school):  +1 519 837-0323

Looking for undergraduate and graduate students. Outstanding candidates only. Funding available.

Are you interested in image processing, computer graphics, pattern analysis, machine intelligence? Are you interested in a CIS*4900 or CIS*4910 credit? Or are you looking for a URA position? Or are you thinking of doing a master's or a PhD? I am in need of graduate and senior undergraduate students with excellent CVs for research projects on the design of relative position descriptors and the modeling of spatial relationships between regions in 2-D and 3-D images. These descriptors and relationships are being investigated in many disciplines (e.g., artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics, geography) and find applications in various domains (e.g., human-robot communication, geographic information systems, medical imaging, scene description).