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Research Interests: A variety of combinatorial objects from necklaces to free plane trees to stamp foldings to vertex orderings of chordal graphs are investigated. No interesting object is left behind. The goal is to gain a more thorough understanding of the object in question by considering how to efficiently list all non-isomorphic instances of that object. Another interesting question that arises, is whether or not each instance can be listed so that there is a constant amount of change between successive objects. Such algorithms are called Gray codes.

A platform for disseminating the algoriths describe above is a recent project done in collaboration with Torsten Mütze and Aaron Williams. It is the second generation of the original Combinatorial Object Server by Frank Ruskey that is no longer available. The new community project is called COS++ and it is available at combos.org

The study of de Bruin cycles and universal cycles are of particular interest recently. Many different implementations of their constructions are available at debruijnsequence.org

Brief Bio: I received my PhD from the University of Victoria. Following this, I spent two years on an NSERC post-doc visiting Charles University in the Czech Republic, the University of Sydney in Australia, and the University of Toronto. I am a co-founder of FreshBooks, a Toronto tech company employing many Guelph co-ops and graduates.
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