WEBWEAVR-III Research Toolkit

WEBWEAVR-III is a research toolkit and testbed that I developed, with the assistance of my graduate students, for normative decision support systems.

WEBWEAVR-III supports the construction of Bayesian networks, inference in standard and dynamic Bayesian networks and decomposable Markov networks, construction and verification of multiply sectioned Bayesian networks (MSBNs), inference in multi-agent MSBNs, and learning decomposable Markov networks.

It is written as Java applications, has a GUI and an extensive library to support development.

The precursor of WEBWEAVR-III, WEBWEAVR, was the toolkit used to develop the PAINULIM (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Vol.5, 1993) system, a neuromuscular diagnostic system for patients with a painful and impaired upper limb.

Many people supported or influenced the development of WEBWEAVR-III and its precursor, including David Poole, Michael Beddoes, Andraw Eisen, B. Pant, Bill Havens, Stephen Joseph, Michael Wong, Nick Cercone, Jun Hu, Tongsheng Chu, Yiqing Huang, Hongyu Geng, and Tristan Miller. The research which leads to the development has been funded by NSERC, IRIS and SaskTel.

Downloading WEBWEAVR-III

WEBWEAVR-III is freely available for download to registered users. Unauthorized use and distribution of the software or accompanying documentation is strictly prohibited without express written permission of Dr. Y. Xiang. WEBWEAVR-III is provided "AS-IS" without any expressed or implied warranties.

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