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Fall 2006


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User Centered Programming


There will be 3 programming assignments in this course, each is worth 5% marks.

Late Assignments: my policy on late assignments is very simple: NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED NO MATTER WHAT IS THE REASON. Start working early.

The assignments:

Assignment 1. Due date: Tuesday, October 10 (AT START OF CLASS).

Assignment 2. Due date: Tuesday, October 24 (AT START OF CLASS).

Assignment 3. Due date: Friday, November 10 (AT START OF LAB). This assignment must be done in pairs due to the limited number of devices (follow the pairing list)


Midterm Test

For both, the midterm test and the final exam you are responsible for everything covered in class, labs, and assignments. The midterm test will be on Friday, Oct 20. It will be for 50 minutes.

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