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Fall 2006


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User Centered Programming

Course Outline

Instructor: Qusay H. Mahmoud
Email: qmahmoud@cis.uoguelph.ca

This course will have one teaching assistant, who is a graduate student at the University of Guelph. The TA will be commuting to supervise the labs. The TA will also be marking the labs, assignments, quizzes, and the midterm; if you have any questions about the marking of these itmes you should the TA during the lab. If the TA does not provide satisfactory help, please come to me. Feel free to make an appointment via email. The TA is:

Franklin Hanshar (Email: fhanshar@uoguelph.ca)

Textbook: Big Java, John Wiley & Sons, (1st or 2nd edition). Note: This book doesn't cover all course contents; pointers to additional material will be provided.

References (on reserve in library):

  • AWT Book
  • Swing Book

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of 5.0 credits in the DCCT program.

Co-requisite: DCCT2030 (Data-Centered Programming)

Grading Scheme: the final grade will be determined based on the following components:

  • Weekly Labs: 15% (one three-hour lab per week; total of 10 for the semester [1.5% each])
  • Bi-Weekly Quizzes: 10% (five in-class quizzes)
  • Assignments: 15% (three programming assignments 5% each)
  • Group Project: 10% (4 - 5 students per group)
  • Mid-term Exam: 20% (date: Friday, Oct 20)
  • Final Exam: 30% (sometime in December, to be scheduled by the university)

Acadmic Honesty plays a key role in our efforts to maintain a high standard of academic excellence and integrity. Students are advised that ALL acts of intellectual dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action by the university; serious infractions are dealt with in accordance with the University of Guelph-Humber's academic misconduct. Students are are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and abiding by the University's policy on student academic misconduct regardless of their location of study. Students are encouraged to review the policy at: http://www.guelphhumber.ca/UserLibrary/documents/Academic%20Regulations.pdf

Tentative Schedule

Week 1 Introduction and Overview -
Week 2 Threads
Ch 21
Week 3 Applets Ch 4
Week 4 AWT and Swing Ch 4
Week 5 Layout Managers Ch 12
Week 6 Event Handling Ch 10
Week 7 MVC Design Pattern, (Midterm, Oct 20) -
Week 8 Java ME (Developing Apps for BlackBerry Devices) -
Week 9 Java ME (Developing Apps for BlackBerry Devices)
Week 10 Software Engineering and UML Handout
Week 7 Analysis, Design, and Implementation Ch 7
Week 12 Design Patterns
Week 13 Review
Note: Last day of classes for the Fall semester is December 4.

Copyright Qusay H. Mahmoud , University of Guelph.